The 1st Congregational Church of Stontington welcomes children of all ages. If you want to participate in the service without your baby, please tell a Greeter and a caring volunteer will take your infant to our Sunday School. Otherwise, please make yourself comfortable in the bench with your child. Pastor Ron says that even a fussy baby's sounds are music in the church. Soon you will notice that parishioners all around you are waving, smiling, and cooing at your baby. If you become uncomfortable with a baby's fussiness, or need to change a diaper, or otherwise need some privacy, there is a cozy space in the Parish Hall for you. You can sit in the rocking chair there, with your infant, and watch the Sunday School children in their lesson, or sit in the parlor for more peace and quiet. A kitchen and a bathroom are nearby. We hope to have the service piped in on speakers by early spring, so that you will not miss the the service.


Church: 860-535-0655

Rev. Norm: 860-759-6720

Note: Pastor, Norm Erlendson's office hours are as needed (give him a call) or by appointment. Please call and leave a message on the church phone (860) 535-0655 or contact Pastor Norm on his cell phone (860) 759-6720 or e-mail him at


Note: Be sure to check out our calendar so you know what's going on.


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