History of Road Church's One-Room Schoolhouse and Library

libraryWe are uncertain of the complete history of the one-room schoolhouse, but we do know that a map of New London County dated 1854 shows a schoolhouse in the same relative location to the Road Church.

Additionally, there is a letter written by Miss Grace Stanton of the memories of her youth in Stonington. She says, "a few paces east of the church and in the same lot, upon a ledge of rocks, there used to be and now is (the foundation being upon a rock) a schoolhouse, which in convenience and architecture was a genuine old settler." Since Miss Stanton was born in 1803, the Meetinghouse to the East was built in 1829, and the old church house to the West, to which she refers, was completed in 1739, it is likely that the schoolhouse was built in the latter part of the Eighteenth Century.

The Schoolhouse was used by the Stonington school system fromm the 1800s to June 1932.

The Schoolhouse now houses the John B. Lopez Memorial Library in memory of John Lopez, a long standing member of the Road Church. Much of the early cataloging of books was done by Mrs. John Lopez.


On Sunday, May 17, 1992, the First District Schoolhouse at the junction of Pequot Trail and Flanders Road, adjacent to the Road Church, was rededicated after an extensive restoration by the First Congregational Ecclesiastical Society of Stonington. The Society's endowment provided the funds to restore the schoolhouse, which is currently used as a library and meeting place. The Schoolhouse is the last standing one-room schoolhouse in the town of Stonington.

Items of Interest at the Schoolhouse/Library

  • Photograph of the Schoolhouse after the 1938 hurricane
  • Photograph of Ms. Maria Stanton, the first Road Church Librarian
  • Library system developed by Ms. Stanton
  • Antique lantern
  • Sermon notes of Reverend Nathaniel Eells Pastor, 1733-1786
  • Notebook of historic papers
  • Notebook of 200th Anniversary Invitation Responses

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