The Parish House Facilities

Overview of the Parish House

The Parish House consist of two spaces that are available for public use and rental: the Kitchen and the Parlor. Of the Parish House itself:

  • The Parish House is wheelchair accessible
  • Lavatories are on the first floor
  • We can provide 17 rectangular tables; 4 large round tables; 6 small round tables; and 146 chairs with upholstered seats 
  • access to the kitchen by a door and a pass through window/counter

The Kitchen

Our newly remodeled kitchen includes:

  • 2 stoves with ovens
  • 3 sinks: one regular size, one deep double sink and one hand washing only
  • 1 refrigerator in the kitchen
  • 1 side by side refrigerator/freezer in the hallway next to the kitchen
  • 1 dish sterilizer
  • 1 microwave
  • coffeemakers: 1 "household"; one 30-cup; one 50-cup
  • 1 Outside grill
  • dishes of all sorts and silverware for at least 120 people (a list of the kinds of dishes and other items necessary to set a table is available upon request)
  • kitchen utensils, pots and pans for cooking

Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2

Kitchen 4  Kitchen 5 for 2


Kitchen 6   Kitchen  7

Kitchen 8 


Kitchen 9


Kitchen 12

       Kitchen 11 

The Parlor

For a more intimate setting but still large enough for a group of up to 40: (refurbished in December of 2014)

  • carpeted
  • fire place
  • access to the kitchen by an opening and a pass over counter
  • a electronic piano
  • flat screen TV
  • tables and chairs available
  • bathrooms
  • private gathering/meeting room, and more


 Parlor1    Parlor2

 Parlor4   Parlor5

   Parlor6   Parlor3

ParishParlor3       ParishHouse1


Church: 860-535-0655

Rev. Norm: 860-759-6720


Note: Be sure to check out our calendar so you know what's going on.


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