WORSHIP time - 10 AM every Sunday








Worship time every Sunday.............................................................10:00 am

Bible Study ..........................................................every Tuesday at 10:00 am

Road Church Annual Fall Fair.........................................Saturday, October 6th 



ONWARD CHRISTIAN SEWERS: The first and third Monday of each month, join us in the Parish Parlor at 10 am for fun and fellowship.  Contact person: Dee Kimball 


BIBLE STUDY: Our Bible Study class is held every Tuesday at 10 am. Coffee and donuts at 9:30 am. Bring a friend!


GIVING OPPORTUNITIES: The Executive Committee has approved ending the 1st Sunday “Fuel Fund” donations and replacing them with the charities Road Church Missions supports, i.e., Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, Haitian Health Foundation, Malta Ministries, Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, and Reliance Health. Starting in Oct., envelopes will be in the Bulletin on the 1st Sunday of each month. These can then be put into the offering plate. Please make checks payable to “Road Church Missions,” with “Missions” at the memo line. Contact person: Sally Salancy. Thank you in advance!



ROAD PASTORAL SEARCH COMMITTEE: Reverend Ron has kindly agreed to stay with the church post retirement to provide the Search Committee with more time to complete its work for a new pastor.  Ron will be available to us much as he has been, conducting services, bible study, and other pastoral activities. The Search Committee will provide a full report and update at the Annual Meeting, and in the meantime we are all most grateful to Ron and to the congregation for your support and prayers. The members of the Committee are:  Carolyn Burdick, Ada Elmer, Judy Fales, Agnes Hall, Dawn Robinson, Sally Salancy, and Nick Stahl, chairman.  Your continued support in the form of prayers and patience is most appreciated.  Feel free at any time to reach out to the members of the Committee: Carolyn Burdick, Dorothy Costa, Ada Elmer, Judy Fales, Agnes Hall, Dawn Robinson, Sally Salancy, Nick Stahl, chairman.


FLOWER CALENDAR: The new flower calendar is on the board in the narthex. If you'd like to donate flowers for the altar, please sign up on the date or dates you want. Please also call or e-mail Cindy Cline and let her know when you're giving flowers so your information can be printed in the bulletin. Thanks. Sally Salancy, for Martie's Flower Ministry


ROAD CHURCH DIRECTORY: Check out our Church Directory on-line!!!! http://members.instantchurchdirectory.com/signup/confirmation/53347e93-d5f1-4606-ac5b-4dfcc742c45a   We can also access it on our website,  (see box on the right of this page) but you will need the PASSWORD in order to open the PDF named 74022534-churchdirectory.pdf    You can also download our app on your phone or computer. If you have an e-mail address listed in our directory you can create an app to access the directory. Go to: https://www.instantchurchdirectory.com/app/ You will be issued a password via e-mail. Hard copies are also available at church. Contacts: Marjie Wheeler and Dawn Robinson.

The 1st Congegragational Church of Stonington, also known as "Road Church", is located at 903 Pequot Trail, in Stonington, CT, 06378.

Our phone numbers are 860-535-0655 and 800-535-0655 (toll free).

You may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you may reach Pastor Ron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To get to the church from the north via I-95, going southbound take exit 91. At the end of the ramp, turn left onto Rt. 234/Taugwonk Road. Taugwonk Road becomes Pequot Trail (still Rt. 234). The church will be on your left.

To get to the church from the south via I-95, going northbound take exit 91. Turn right at the end of the ramp onto Rt. 234/Pequot Trail. The church will be on your left.


Our Pastor


      Our Pastor, Rev. Ron Lake       

     Our pastor, Rev. Ron Lake began his ministry at Road church in April of 1999. Pastor Ron was ordained in the National Association of Congregational Churches in 1987. 

     Please feel free to contact him at our church website or by calling 860-428-3460. Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or stop by the office on Tuesdays, which is the time for his office hours.








Times of Service

Our regular Sunday services are every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. We welcome visitors of all ages. NOTE: Our SUMMER morning worship begins at 9:30 AM starting Father's Day Sunday in June until the Sunday of Labor Day weekend in September.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour is held in the Fellowship Hall the last Sunday of each month following the service - unless otherwise stated on our schedule. All are welcome. Are you interested in helping with coffee hour?


We celebrate Communion, or the Lord’s Supper as it is sometimes called, on the first Sunday of each month, Maundy Thursday, and World Wide Communion Sunday.

Communion is the most revered of the sacraments at our church. We invite all who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savoir to join us at the table. We believe that Jesus is present at our table and we accept His invitation with great humility and love. The table is for us a time of remembrance and thanksgiving for the sacrifice our Savoir made and continues to make for us.

Bible Study

Bible Study is held every Tuesday morning in the Parish House. Bible Study focuses on one book at a time, and discussions range from the details of the book itself to how the Bible teachings relate to today's world. We follow a relaxed format, sometimes including video to help with the discussions. The group gathers for coffee and donuts at 9:30 AM for about half an hour, then sits for discussion at 10:00 AM and is typically done by 11:00 AM. Please join us even if you can only make it once in awhile.         


The 1st Congregational Church of Stontington welcomes children of all ages. If you want to participate in the service without your baby, please tell a Greeter and a caring volunteer will take your infant to our Sunday School. Otherwise, please make yourself comfortable in the bench with your child. Pastor Ron says that even a fussy baby's sounds are music in the church. Soon you will notice that parishioners all around you are waving, smiling, and cooing at your baby. If you become uncomfortable with a baby's fussiness, or need to change a diaper, or otherwise need some privacy, there is a cozy space in the Parish Hall for you. You can sit in the rocking chair there, with your infant, and watch the Sunday School children in their lesson, or sit in the parlor for more peace and quiet. A kitchen and a bathroom are nearby. We hope to have the service piped in on speakers by early spring, so that you will not miss the the service.




Note: Be sure to check out our calendar so you know what's going on.


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